General Health Insurance Tips

Health Insurance Tips - Health affects every aspect of your life, including the ability to find affordable health insurance. Health care costs have been on the rise, causing problems especially now in these hard economic times. A simple healthy lifestyle can actually bring down your premiums drastically. If you smoke, quit. If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, loose the weight. Your health insurance premiums will reflect the changes.

Health Insurance Tips

Remember that health insurance companies base their rates on the likelihood of you using their services. If their statistics indicate that the state of your health is less likely to cost them money, they will reward you with lower premiums. If the opposite is true, your rates will be higher.
Just like the computer or cell phone companies, health insurance carriers are in competition. They do this by offering the insured more benefits than their competition – which is why it’s so important to read through your policy periodically and to research to be certain that you’re getting the best coverage for your money. You’ll be very surprised to find out how many Health Insurance companies may be offering more benefits at lower rates. Keep yourself updated and call your agent to get the latest quote.
Lots of health Insurance carriers offer ‘free’ services under their policies. Make sure you know what these are. Some plans may offer blood work, diabetes testing or even blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring at absolutely no charge to you. Make sure you keep updated on these freebies and take advantage of them by actually going to the doctor and using them.
If the plan you choose doesn’t offer these freebies but you feel you’re still getting a good price for premiums and don’t wish to change, be aware that some health centers in your own community offer free cholesterol and glucose testing for free to all, insured or not. These simple tests, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle will put you on the road to saving money and disease preventive care.
Another way to make the best use of your Health Insurance coverage and save even more money is to check whether your plan allows purchasing your medicines out of state. This is not illegal and often you can find really cheap prescription prices for generic medication.
Some online companies even offer free shipping as an incentive. Talk to your health care provider about this option. Just make sure you get information and an OK from your doctor. Just like the grocery bill or phone service bill, examine your doctor, prescription and hospital bills for added charges that are not supposed to be there.
Also, if you have to use your insurance, make sure you’re being covered for the services you’re paying for through your premiums. Anyone can make a mistake and you have to be your own watch- dog and protect both you and your family’s investment.
And most important of all, don’t be shy about calling your agent. An independent health insurance agent works for you, not the insurance company. Let him or her be your go-to person for questions about your coverage and any new changes to the industry that can save you money and protect your health.
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